Send A Picture Through Email That Is Stored On The Internet

When you see a picture on the internet that you like, did you know that you can, in most cases, save it on your hard drive or use it in an email.

To save a picture that is stored on the internet to your computer

It is very simple.

  1. When you are looking at a picture on someone’s internet page you can right click on it with your mouse
  2. Choose save picture as from the menu
  3. Now you can choose a filename and navigate where you want to save the picture file. That’s it.

Use a picture in an email that is stored on the internet, without saving it.

You can use a picture on your Web site or in your email when it is stored on another web page.

  1. Right click on the picture you want to email
  2. Choose email picture from the menu.
  3. Then it may ask if you would like the picture reduced in size for emailing. Make your choice and press ok.

From this menu you can also Save the picture, Print the picture, set as desktop background, and see the picture properties here. (further down on the menu)

You can also manually add the picture source in to use in your email. As shown in the screenshot above. To find the picture source choose properties from the menu. (Instead of email picture as above)

You can then highlight and copy the pictures URL address to use in your web site html or an email. The URL will start with http://www…


  • Some internet Web sites disable the ability to right click on their pictures and graphics.
  • If you use a picture stored on the internet and the owner of that picture removes it from the internet, the picture will be no longer available. This is not good if you have used a picture on your web site, and then it disappears.
  • Some pictures may have a copyright on them.

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