5 Apps for the Business Professional

When you’re a business owner, CEO, Head of Department or just a hard-working employee, it’s important to have everything you need to do your job and do it well available to you 24/7. Thank goodness for the creation of smartphones and tablets – now it’s easier than ever to get work done on the go, and with these 7 great apps, you’ll be able to stay organized, stay productive and stay on top of your game no matter the place or time.

Scanner Pro by Readdle

Have you ever had a hard copy of a document that you wished you could email immediately to an intended recipient? Now you can! The Scanner Pro app takes quick pictures of multi-page documents and automatically converts them into industry-standard PDF files that can then be stored or emailed.

Scanner Pro takes ridiculously high-quality scans, and even removes shadows from the phone or tablet itself after the scan. Now you can quickly and easily scan every hard copy document you have and either store it electronically or email it without an actual scanner.

This app will cost you $6.99, but it’s been the #1 business app in the U.S., France, Italy, UK, Australia and 20 other countries for the past 2 years. It even syncs with other organization and business apps, like Evernote or mail, or you can sync to the cloud and store documents on other devices instantly. It’s really a must-have for any business professional who handles any kind of documents on the go.

Square by Square, Inc.

With this totally free app, you can accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere. Square makes it easy to swipe a credit card with their free card reader that plugs right into the headphone jack on your iPhone. The app itself is free, as well, and to receive the reader itself, all you do is enter your shipping address and the developers of the app ship it to you for free.

Every transaction carries at 2.75% transaction fee, but it’s a great option for small business owners who don’t yet have the ability to accept credit cards. The app makes it easy to track sales, calculate and add tip to cards automatically and get electronic receipts to the customer via text message or email. You can itemize everything you sell and keep track of pricing for each item so you don’t have to enter the price each time someone makes a purchase.

Square even accepts signatures by having customers sign directly on the mobile device. It’s as safe and secure as any other method of accepting credit cards, so customers can be assured that their credit card information isn’t going anywhere except to the transaction. Again, this app is a great option for small businesses or anyone who needs to consistently accept credit card payments.

Print ‘n’ Share by EuroSmartz, Ltd

Now with a simple touch of a button on your phone, you can send electronic documents to a printer to print a hard copy. The opposite of the Scanner Pro app, Print ‘n’ Share was created to allow users to print from anywhere to any printer that is WiFi or 3G enabled, or any wireless printer.

You can send documents, emails and even photos to a printer without any additional software needed with the Print ‘n’ Share app. It’s a bit pricey at $9.99, but totally worth it for any working professional on the go.

Flight Track Pro by Ken Kazez

Are you a business professional constantly on the go? Do you struggle with keeping track of flight information, delays, cancellations and even gate numbers while you travel? You won’t anymore with Flight Track Pro. This app automatically syncs your itineraries and gives real-time updates on flight statuses, making travel as easy as can be.

It will even keep track of gate numbers and seat numbers to help you stay even more organized during your business travels. Never again will you miss a flight because you’re running around from gate to gate searching for which one is yours! It even offers weather forecasts so you can plan your travel accordingly.

For the $9.99 that it costs to download this app, you get the ultimate travel organization and instant updates on your flights even when the app is close. To say that this app is worth the money would be a definite understatement if you’re a frequent flyer.

Mighty Meeting by MightyMeeting Inc.

Presentations, videos and any other meeting presentation documents can now be stored in the cloud and accessed anytime, anywhere with Mighty Meeting. This free app also lets you host online meets and share your presentations privately over a 3G or WiFi network.

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite to an online meeting that you create and present with Mighty Meeting, and each participant is also able to provide their thoughts and share their own presentations, as well. If you tend to be stuck in meetings at the most inconvenient times, this might be the app for you. It makes meetings possible anywhere you are.

OmniFocus by The Omni Group

If you’re the type to juggle tasks and forget things because there’s just so much on your plate, then this app is perfect for you! Slightly on the more expensive side at $19.99, OmniFocus is an app that not only organizes your tasks but also helps you monitor tasks by person, project, date or place.

It’s the most organized app on the market, and many people swear by it and say they use it every single day and need it just to get through the day. It has sync capabilities so your task information can be shared from your iPhone app to your iPad to your Mac or MacBook.

If you have errands to run throughout the day, the app has a map that can help you visualize the distances between errands and how much time each one should take you. It also “forecasts” by looking at large tasks that are coming up in the near future and breaking them down into smaller, daily manageable tasks that can be done right now.

The perfect app for the unorganized, OmniFocus is helpful to anyone looking to keep track of how they spend their time on a daily basis and make sure the work that needs to get done in a day actually gets done.

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