How To Download Music Album Covers In Itunes For Your Ipod Touch

Download and Try Rinse for FREEBoth my daughters have a Apple iPod touch 8 GB and one of the problems is editing the album covers and song titles. Unfortunately, we had music ripped off our CD’s before we had even heard of an ipod or ipod touch. This means the all the music was not showing up with the right album covers or song names.

There are many ways to recover your album covers now and I am going to show you one way that my daughter uses, the manual way.

The other way to fix misspelled song titles and find missing album artwork is to download a program to do it for you. I must say this is a much easier option!

Download Music Album Covers

  1. Open Itunes and change all of your songs to album view. See the screenshot below where it says to click.
  2. If you notice, that one of your songs does not have an album cover.
  3. Then right-click on the album and select get album cover.
  4. The album cover should pop up. E.g.
  5. If an album cover does not pop up, (Every detail of the song information must be exact; album name, Artist

and Song name or else it won’t work) there is another way. Go into Google images.

  1. Type in the name of the ‘artist/band’, the name of the ‘song’ and then ‘album cover’.
  2. When the pictures load; choose the album cover that is best suited. Click on the picture.
  3. When the page loads click the link up the top of the page that says ‘See full-size image’.
  4. When the picture loads, right click on it and select copy.
  5. The artwork will appear. Then click OK and your album will have a cover.

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That is a long way around to download your music album covers but it is free. I would definitely use software to do this if it had to be done all the time!

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